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General Systems Development in Westport, Connecticut, offers a learning management system inspired by the General Systems Theory. This theory is especially useful for institutions looking for ways to enhance their management and organization.
Early Issues
Several companies and organizations proposed solutions for management and structural problems, but their suggestions were ineffective due to one thing: "all the pieces don't fit together." Studies showed that homogeneous classes usually cause social stratification and increased parent and political pressure instead of narrowing the gap between top-performing students and those relegated to the "bottom group."


People in Pain

Stopping Pain in its Tracks

You deserve freedom from chronic pain, no matter the source. Explore your treatment options by visiting Xpress Medical Specialties, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Once you schedule your appointment, our health specialists work to locate the source of your pain and determine the right course of treatment. Stop suffering today and start enjoying a life free from aches and twinges.

A Simplified Process

When you reach out to book time with our health team, we ask that you fax a few important documents to our office. In order to prescribe the most accurate treatment for your pain, we must review your medical history, including MRI and CT scans with other required pertinent documentation. After reviewing your information carefully, our team will be in touch to let you know if you qualify for our services.

Personalized for Your Pain

Xpress Medical Specialties LLC offers several pain management options for all kind of pain. Choose from several trusted medications, or opt for a medication-free pain relief experience. Trigger point injections are available, as well as epidurals. To discover which treatment is most effective for you, reach out to our specialists today. A better life is within reach — let Xpress Medical Specialties, LLC help.